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Many students in rural Coclé have very limited access to transport services, leaving some with a 2+ hour walk to school in all weather conditions.  To eliminate barriers to school attendance, the Forum Foundation purchased a bus in 2009, which helped to carry nearly 500 students to and from school in Coclé Province.

In 2011 Forum Foundation expanded its transportation service to schools by partnering with I.P.T. La Pintada to refurbish a bus for the students attending school in that town. With this addition, Forum Foundation supported a further 600 students.

Buses, however, are not the only solution. In some areas, transportation is only available if you can pay for it.  In these instances, Forum Foundation has awarded individual transportation scholarships to students in need of assistance.

Since 2009, more than 3,000 students from eight different schools have benefited from Forum Foundation’s transportation programs.

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