Community Center

After closing Forum Academy in 2020, Fundacion Academia Forum staff secured a temporary office location and access to a multi-purpose classroom at the Jose de Los Reyes Vasquez School in Caimito.  In 2021 we obtained authorization from the Ministry of Education,  Junta de Padres de Familia, and school administrators of the Colegio José De Los Reyes Vasquez,  to rehabilitate the multipurpose classroom.

Decades before, John Keffer had first helped these communities as a Peace Corps volunteer. After returning to Panama for a Peace Corp reunion John decided to return to Caimito.  John met with parents, most of them local subsistence farmers, and listened to their needs. One after another parents echoed the need for better schools. This would allow students could continue their education and graduate from high school. Having been the first in his family to receive higher education, John fully embraced the opportunity to expand access to education in Caimito and its surrounding communities. This helped grow the Jose De Los Reyes Vasquez school. Now, 20 years later, Forum Foundation has returned to Caimito as our base of operations. Our programs and support now reach beyond, further into the mountains of northern Cocle, helping support 27 public schools, with scholarships, resources, and learning support.

All programs, activities and services are offered free of charge to our beneficiaries.


Located in the multi-purpose classroom at the Jose de los Reyes Vasquez school in Caimito, this space serves as a community center, library and resource center. We offer subject specific  learning support, one on one tutoring, as well as group tutorings to help students recover from learning loss, reinforce their learning, and keep moving forward.  Furthermore, this space provides resources such as books, photocopying, printing, access to computers and the internet. This has proven to be vital for academic recovery and dropout reduction. 


 These locations also provide our administrative staff with the physical space needed to plan an implement various workshops, group and individual tutoring, computer and English courses, creative and recreational activities, documentary film discussions, and counseling for students wishing to go to college or find their first job after graduating. Helping us reach more members of the local learning community. 


Located in Caimito across the street from the Police Station,  this office provides the local learning community with access to laptop computers, internet connectivity, copies and printing, textbooks, and reference materials. Our dedicated staff also provides information, guidance, and advice, to anyone seeking to apply for a scholarship, apply to universities, or prepare for a job interview.