Learning Resources

Our work is focused on increasing and expanding supporting access learning opportunities in the mountains of rural Cocle, by providing the support and tools communities can use to build a more prosperous future.

Access to technology and the internet are deeply impacting how we learn.  Forum Foundation is commited to helping learners aquire and strengthen their skills in key areas like English, Digital Literacy and STEM.

We’ve put together this collection of resources, tools, and learning platforms to help students along their learning pathway. Helping them become life-long learners motivated to help make change sustainable. 


In a globally connected world, digital literacy is a key competency. We have gathered some resources in Spanish to help you broaden your understanding of digital literacy. There are also some tutorials on how to use your computer/device.  Click the blue links to access the video tutorials we have compiled. Remember you can always keep exploring and finding more information.

8 of the best apps for learning english

This article published by Oxford House shares links to download several language learning apps that can help you learn and practice your English. Just click the link below to access the article. 



Mathtutor is a series of interactive worksheets for learning pre-algebra math developed at Carnegie Mellon University. They provide step-by-step help and feedback based on a rich history of research on human learning. 

Forum Foundation has partnered with CMU’s Open Learning Initiative to provide students in rural Cocle Province, with initial pilot access to some of the Mathtutor worksheets in Spanish. Please note this is a work in progress. 

Forum Foundation members click below for step-by-step registration instructions in Spanish.  The video below also offers general guidelines in English. A generous gift from John Keffer, founder of Forum Foundation and CMU alumnus, has enabled this partnership.

“We are a non-profit organization with a mission to provide free, top-notch education, for anyone, anywhere.” -KhanAcademy. 

This platform offers free courses in Math, Science, Economics and Finance, and Computer Science. 

En Ayudinga somos Gente Ayudando Gente, una organización sin fines de lucro con el compromiso de brindarte una experiencia de aprendizaje libre, gratuita, inclusiva y humana.

Ofrecemos cursos de matemáticas, física, química y biología, con los recursos necesarios para que tu educación sea lo más completa posible y podrás acceder desde cualquier parte del mundo gracias a la tecnología online.

Portal educativo de Ministerio de Educación diseñado estratégicamente para la innovación, creatividad y actualización tecnológica de la comunidad en general; busca apoyar el desarrollo de las actividades académicas, culturales, científicas y tecnológicas, así como la integración de la comunidad educativa a los espacios colaborativos, para el intercambio de experiencias que enriquezcan los procesos de enseñanza aprendizaje.

“Aprende.org is a platform that brings educational and training tools within the reach of everyone through any mobile device.” (Source: Fundacion Carlos Slim)

Habilidades Digitales is an excellent course for learners who are adapting to the world of digital learning. We encourage learners to explore by clicking the link below. 

Recursos educativos gratuitos para todos ¡No pierdas esta oportunidad!

Editoriales, bibliotecas y desarrolladores de apps, entre otros muchos, han decidido ofrecer temporalmente sus herramientas sin coste.