As she sits down to share the experience of receiving her IB Diploma, Mirjana remembers years filled with learning.  Not just the regular subjects, but also, independence, responsibility and dedication. Mirjana plans to graduate from the University of Panama with a degree in Biology. She hopes to be able to contribute to the conservation efforts taking place to protect Panama’s rich biodiversity.

JEney Rodriguez

The mask can hardly hide the smile of accomplishment on Jeney’s face. After spending countless hours studying, reviewing, reading, writing and editing, she is finally holding her certificate from the International Baccalaureate. Having completed her examinations, Jeney has received IB certificates in Spanish, History, Biology, English, Chemistry, and Mathematics. (Jeney featured left, together with Mirjana Martinez, IB Diploma recipient)


Only a few steps away from finishing her degree, Doralia is happy, motivated, and already planning for the future. Once she graduates Doralia plans to look for a job to keep moving forward. “A degree in Sanitation and Environment is a career which focuses on training professionals who are able to participate in research and project implementation.  This is needed in our country because sadly there are many projects that don’t comply with sanitation and environmental regulations.”

Jen Mendoza

After receiving assistance to complete his high-school degree at IPT La Pintada, Jen is hoping to finish his university studies in Biology. Although he has faced difficulties taking on distance learning, he decided to take on a new challenge. Click the link below to find out how Jen created an online workshop to help students review Biology over the summer. 

Iveth Dominguez

Forum Academy Alumni Iveth, shares her experience studying medicine at the University of Panama. “My hope is that the Foundation continues helping young people like me, with scholarships and support to graduate. So we can return and give back by helping more students. This way they can help support their families and  create a better future.” Click the link below to learn more about how Iveth has continued on her path and what she plans for the future. 


Meet Danilo, an Electromechanical Engineering student at the Universidad Technologica in Penonome. He grew up in the town of Nances Caballero in Anton, where he attended school at Los Cerritos. That is where he first met Profesora Elvia, who was looking for aspiring students eager to learn and join the adventure of the Forum Academy. Click to read more about Danilo’s future plans, and his motivation to help other young people have a better future.

Tania Valdez

Like any young woman with the drive to continue improving, Tania sees herself continuing her studies once she graduates. “I hope to specialize in human genetics and molecular biology. I want to help other young people like myself, that have the same drive to be better every day, to become professionals. I want to help others the way Forum Foundation helped me.” Click the link below to learn more about Tania’s experience volunteering at the Centro Conmemorativo Gorgas to help process COVID-19 test.

Juan ACosta

Graduating with honors in 2020 was no easy feat. “I would like to thank Forum Foundation for the assistance they provided me to be able to finish high school, and the guidance they provided to apply for university. I am grateful for the opportunity to receive a university scholarship.” Click below to learn more about Juan’s adventure and his perseverance to finish the school year and look towards the future. 


Currently in her third year at the Universidad de Panama in Penonome, Candy hopes to get a job as soon as she graduates. “It does not matter where, I want to teach, and share my skills as a teacher. I want to make students fall in love with Spanish just like I did.” Click below to discover more.

Lineth Julio

Born and raised in Chorrerita de Toabre, Lineth treasures her memories from her time at Forum Academy. “Forum Foundation has been a pillar of support for me to accomplish part of my dreams. I think it is a noble and worthy cause, that should continue to help many other young people like myself so that they can reach their goals. If there is any way that I can continue to contribute and help with the Foundation I am ready and willing.” Click below and learn more about Lineth’s desire to make change sustainable. 

PAscuala Hernadez

Days before middle school graduation  Pascuala remembers receiving a special letter from Profesoras Elvia and Omaira. The letter contained an invitation to a special boarding school located in Chiriguiri Arriba, The Forum Academy. Click below to learn more about Pascuala’s adventure. 

Omaira Vasquez

Originally from  Altos de la Estancia, Omaira first heard about Forum Academy the year it opened. Currently a student at the University of Panama in Penonome, Omaira is studying to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology. Read more about her adventure taking on the IB and what she plans to do after graduation. 

Lourdes Rodriguez

Achieving the IB Diploma is no easy task. This year, amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, Lourdes Rodriguez Forum Academy, Class of 2018, received her diploma. She shares this unforgettable experience and her plans for the future.

Julia Perez

Class of 2016 Forum Academy Alumni Julia shares the story of how she fell in love with chemistry. Inspired by a teacher’s passion for learning. She is currently pursuing a teaching degree at the University of Panama. What are Julia’s plans for the future? Find out clicking the link below.

Yazmin pic 2


Yasmin’s story begins in Churuquita Chiquita when she was offered support from Forum Foundation to finish her high school education at Instituto Carmen Conte Lombardo.

Carmen Perez web

Carmen Perez

Carmen is from Altos de La Estancia. She recalls her time as a student at Forum Academy as well as her time at the Hun School of Princeton. Click the link below to learn more about her plans for the future.

Maria Soto

Maria Soto Martinez

Maria first heard about Forum Academy while attending her community school in Chiriqui Abajo. Her teachers spoke to her about a special school looking for exceptional students from communities located in the mountains of northern Cocle. Discover how Maria has been able to continue her senior year of high school and finish her IB evaluations.


Part of the first graduating class at Forum Academy (2016), Bryner tells us about his experience as an IB student, and how he intends to use what he has learned so far to pursue a career as a commercial pilot. 

Nitzia Sanchez

Nitzia Sanchez

Former Forum Academy Student, Nitizia has also been awarded a scholarship to participate in the National Robotics and STEAM Olympics. Learn more about Nitzia her memories of Forum Academy and more about what the scholarship has in store.

Larisa Castillo

Aspiring Nurse and Forum Academy Alumni Class of 2016 Larisa tells us about finishing university during a pandemic and using what she has learned to navigate the challenges of nursing school.

Karla Hernadez

Karla Hernandez

Former Forum Academy Student, awarded scholarship to participate in the National Robotics and STEAM Olympics. Learn more about Karla and how she achieved this wonderful opportunity.

Square Mendieta


Jacob Mendieta is the third former Forum Academy Student to receive a scholarship to participate in the National Robotics and STEAM Olympics 2020. He is currently finishing 11th grade at Colegio Angel Maria Herrera in Penonome. Click below to read his story.

Alexandra Martinez

2015 Forum Academy Alumni Alexandra studies gastronomy at the University of Panama. Get to know Alexandra and her passion for preserving Panama’s culinary traditions.

Orlando Sanchez

Orlando Sanchez

Currently a senior at  Colegio Angel Maria Herrera. Orlando’s passion for learning English is unstoppable. Learn more about how Orlando is taking on the challenge of virtual learning during the global pandemic.

Moises at Hun

Moises Rodriguez

Class of 2017 graduate Moises now studies Civil Engineering at the Technological University of Panama. Click the link below to read more about Moises’s story with Forum Foundation.


Digital Learning During a Pandemic. Former Forum Academy English professor Juana Perez, tells us about her creating and leading a digital learning English workshop during this difficult and challenging year. 

Juan Carlos Martinez

In his own words.  Meet Juan Carlos, a former Hun School of Princeton Scholarship Award winner, who’s passion for English, Technology and teaching inspires him to contribute to a more positive world through education.