Mirjana Del Carmen Martinez

As she sits down to share the  experience of receiving her IB Diploma, Mirjana remembers years filled with learning.  Not just the regular subjects, but also, independence, responsibility and dedication. These are among the memories and qualities she developed as a student at the Forum Academy. Mirjana was raised in many different communities in the area of Piedras Gordas and is now living in the community of Cascajal, in Llano Norte.

After meeting Profesora Elvia and joining the class at the academy. Mirjana discovered her favorite subjects were mathematics, language and literature. The opportunity to be part of the IB Diploma program was a great challenge that Mirjana was willing to take head on. She enjoyed learning about the IB character profile and putting these  into practice in her life as a student. “It was a marvelous experience. I believe the IB helped prepare me not only with knowledge and information but with a different view of the world. We understand that we can make a difference in the world.” 

Mirjana plans to graduate from the University of Panama with a degree in Biology. She hopes to be able to contribute to the conservation efforts taking place to protect Panama’s rich biodiversity. “The work the Foundation is doing is important because it is the opportunity for young people to move forward and help their families. It also means that they can participate in the development and growth of our country.”

Learning at a distance during the pandemic has undoubtedly been challenging. “In my case I did my first year 2020, online. So I have not had any in person classes. This has made interacting with my professors and fellow classmates quite difficult. A degree in Biology requires several hours of practice and lab hours. Taking our learning online is somewhat limiting our learning. 

Completing one’s education is an adventure full of challenges, but at the same time it is filled with opportunities. “Thinking about your short and long term goals is the perfect motivation to continue your studies. On our journey as learners we meet people who are willing to help and motivate us. So if any young person out there that is studying or is looking to start, I say to them, don’t think twice, pursuing your education is one of the best decisions you can make.

Forum Foundation is committed to supporting inspiring young people like Mirjana so that they can continue their learning journey and achieve their goals.

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