Supporting student field trips has been a part of Forum Foundation’s Panama Programs since the inception of Fundacion Academia Forum. In the past, it was the Academy students who were given the opportunity to participate in these field trips to Panama City as well as historical sites in and around the province of Cocle.

Field trips are a special part of the learning experience. Unfortunately, not all students, teachers, administrators, and schools have the finances to make them a reality.  We know from first-hand experience that field trips help provide students and teachers with real-world, hands-on, memorable experiences that enhance and amplify classroom learning. This makes learning more engaging, allowing students to discover interests that might have remained a mystery otherwise. 

Going outside their classroom is also a great way to foster personal growth and social skills. Being in unfamiliar settings, and places, and witnessing the awe-inspiring engineering of the Panama Canal or the wonders of Panamas BioMuseum, not only create memories to last a lifetime, but they help groups of students create deeper more meaningful connections through shared experiences.

These are transformative trips, that offer students and teachers the opportunity to broaden their understanding of Panama and the world. Getting on a bus and coming to the city for the first time, breaks down barriers, exposing students to new perspectives and cultivating their curiosity.

In the month of October, we had the pleasure of providing financial support for the realization of various educational tours to different educational centers (C.E. San Miguel Centro, C.E. Jorge Conte Porras, C.E.B.G Vaquilla, C.E.B.G Asunción Chiru Velázquez). The students visited the Panama Canal, The University of Panama, Biomuseo, Panama La Vieja, Punta Culebra, Explora, and other sites. Visiting historical sites is essential for learning history because it gives students the opportunity to have a multisectoral experience beyond studying historical texts and documents. These places and museums allow for a deeper connection to our past. Furthermore, they ignite interest in our history and cultural richness. Undoubtedly, visiting these special places enriches our learning and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Forum Foundation’s Field Trip grants, open the doors to the world beyond the classroom. Thank you to the administrators and teachers who have reached out to our organization for this support. These trips would not be possible without your dedication to your students, schools, and communities.  We are honored to help provide these learning communities with these opportunities, to help them discover Panama together.

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