October 2020

Juana Perez

Digital Learning During a Pandemic Former Forum Academy English professor Juana Perez tells us about her experience during this difficult and challenging year. Juana was born and raised in the community of Sofre, located in the district of Penonome, Cocle Province. Through many years of effort and sacrifice, she was able to obtain her bachelor’s […]

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Maria Soto Martinez

Maria first heard about Forum Academy while attending her community school in Chiriqui Abajo. Her teachers spoke to her about a special school looking for exceptional students from communities located in the mountains of northern Cocle. These were students who already faced difficulties attending school and reaching graduation. When she first arrived at the academy,

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Jacob Mendieta

FORMER FORUM ACADEMY STUDENT, AWARDED SCHOLARSHIP TO PARTICIPATE IN ROBOTICS AND STEAM OLYMPICS. Jacob Mendieta is the third former Forum Academy Student to receive a scholarship to participate in the National Robotics and STEAM Olympics 2020. He is currently finishing 11th grade at Colegio Angel Maria Herrera in Penonome.  His story begins in Buena Vista,

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Nitzia Sanchez

FORMER FORUM ACADEMY STUDENT, AWARDED SCHOLARSHIP TO PARTICIPATE IN ROBOTICS AND STEAM OLYMPICS. Nitzia is from the community of Toabre. Following the closure of the Forum Academy, as a result of the global pandemic, she now studies at Colegio Carmen Conte Lombardo.  We recently heard Nitzia also received a scholarship to participate in the Robotics

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Karla Hernandez

Former Forum Academy student, awarded scholarship to participate in Robotics and STEAM Olympics. Karla Hernandez first found out about Forum Academy from her grandmother. Before starting high school her grandmother told her about this special school helping students complete their schooling “At first, I was hesitant because I didn’t really want to move away from

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