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Jacob Mendieta is the third former Forum Academy Student to receive a scholarship to participate in the National Robotics and STEAM Olympics 2020. He is currently finishing 11th grade at Colegio Angel Maria Herrera in Penonome. 

His story begins in Buena Vista, Penonome, in the province of Cocle. It was two teachers at Jacob’s former school who first told him about the Forum Academy. Rosalyn Marquez and Miguel Sanchez shared information and told him it was likely he would be accepted, even though the school he was attending, C.B.G. Las Guabas was not within the Academy’s recruiting network. It was these teachers who called Profesora Elvia Martinez so that she would come to the school Jacob attended.

“My experience at the Forum Academy was amazing! I was left with the desire to continue. I was excited to participate in the IB. I consider the IB to be one of the best experiences of my life, even though we were just getting ready for it. Moreover, the way we were taught by the professors was excellent, it was a great project, and I am still so excited about it, I still have the desire to continue.” 

When we asked Jacob what he liked the most about the IB, like others, he was quick to mention the IB learner profile, as “essential for life.” He feels that what he learned at the Academy is what helped him earn the Robotics and STEAM scholarship, given that the way to get the most points for the scholarship was to write an essay explaning why one should receive the scholarship.”This is something I learned to do at the academy, how to express myself. Before the academy, I was a young person of few words, but now I can always express myself all the while respecting the diversity of opinions.”

As he gets ready to start participating in the Robotics and STEAM scholarship, Jacob is prepared to learn as much as he can about information technology, increasing his knowledge, which he has no doubt will help in the future. 

What does the future hold for Jacob? “My plan is to become a doctor but to be able to do that I will strive for a scholarship that will help me cover that education. Otherwise, I will not be able to study medicine. If I am unable to do this I will choose another path, save up the money I need, and go on to study medicine later on.”

Forum Foundation is committed to supporting exceptional students like Jacob, so that they successfully complete high school, go on to university and lifelong learning.  

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