January 2022

Yilka Espinoza

I graduated with first-place honors from the Jose de Los Reyes Vasquez school.  I was born and raised in the community of Caimito. I first heard about Forum Foundation when I received their help to sign up for university. From then on I received their financial aid which helped me purchase data cards for my

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Lendy Dominguez

It was a friend from my father’s job that first told us about Forum Foundation, my sister was going to enroll in 10th grade. It was 2016. He gave my father a brochure with some information for my sister I just couldn’t help but read it. From that moment on I knew I wanted to

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Yairin Martinez

I found out about Forum Foundation at my school in Vaquilla, it was during a presentation they were giving to a group of us young people. That year I was awarded fourth place honors at my school and offered support from the Foundation. This year I was awarded second place honors from the Pablo Alzamora

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Edward Herrera

I first heard of the Foundation thanks to Profesora Sandra, and after that my cousin Ailin told me more about the Foundation and the help they offered students whose families didn’t have the resources to help them attend school. In the first years, the Foundation provided me with financial aid and now with classes being

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Yasmin Velasquez

I discovered Forum Foundation through young people who had already been helped and through teachers who instructed us and talked to us about the benefits that it gave to many young people who wanted to study and get ahead.  In my first year of high school, they supported me with the payment of transportation and

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Melani Moran

Melani Nicol Moran, from the community of La Vaquilla, graduated with first place honors from Colegio Pablo Alzamora Vargas I first got to know Forum Foundation when some students approached us at school to offer us their support and motivation. In the beginning, the support we received helped us attend school in person, but later

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Mayelis Martinez

I first heard of Forum Foundation in 2019 from a teacher named Felicita Candelaria, who chose me to be part of this great Foundation because I had good grades in my school. Afterward, she introduced me to the person in charge of the program, Mrs. Sandra Rodriguez, who gave me more information about the Foundation

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