Yilka Espinoza

I graduated with first-place honors from the Jose de Los Reyes Vasquez school.  I was born and raised in the community of Caimito.

I first heard about Forum Foundation when I received their help to sign up for university. From then on I received their financial aid which helped me purchase data cards for my cell phone so that I could connect to class.

I had to study a lot to be able to achieve this goal. Overcoming challenges like the COVID-19 Pandemic and having to switch to distance learning in the last years of our schooling. I assure students who are continuing their studies, don’t give up, keep going and don’t lose their motivation. This is the correct path to be on, no matter how hard it might get, with effort and dedication one can achieve the most ambitious of goals. 

We are all preparing for a new chapter in our lives and I think we have to be ready to adapt to this changing COVID-19 situation. Information is changing often and we need to be ready, we thought it was over but we are now being careful again. In spite or the risk and danger, what I have learned is that in life, you need to take risks. 

As for me, I plan on going on to study at the University of Panama here in Cocle. I will pursue a degree in Agroforestal Engineering. I am interested in working with animals. Once I graduate I hope to be able to start my own business, hopefully, something that involves animals. 

Forum Foundation is committed to supporting inspiring people like Yilka so that they can continue their learning journey and achieve their goals.