From Cocle to Expo Dubai

“He who perseveres will succeed” This is one of the phrases that I have identified with the most during the pandemic.  I am pleased to share my achievements during the school year in which the pandemic continues, but I have continued to study unimpeded. At the end of the 2021 school year, I had the opportunity to once again participate in Panama’s national robotics competitions. This time in person and with two of my classmates.  Together we created a project called Weather Robot and we had the honor of being awarded first place.  

Weather Robot is a device that contains an atmospheric recognition system that allows it to detect changes in the weather. The device is programmed to select which source of energy it will collect and use as its energy source, in real-time. It does so depending on which source is more available, sun or wind, and then stores it for use. Our goal is to have the device store enough energy so that it can sustain its operation over time. The device connects to two sensors which measure light intensity and wind intensity. Based on the data gathered the Weather Robot chooses what energy source to use. So if there is no breeze, for instance, it will choose to source its energy from the sun.

 The Weather Robot’s system also aims to increase the installed battery power up to 15 times. This is challenging but not impossible. Using lithium-ion batteries capable of storing three times more energy, higher voltage, and faster charging/discharging, and last a long time. Making them the best choice, no fossil fuels are necessary. This is not only beneficial for the components and operations of the device, but it is also ideal for situations in which people might not have access to electricity and may not have the economic resources to purchase fossil fuels. 

After learning online for some time,  I had the opportunity to return to school in person. The school is half an hour away from my home so the methodology changed. I needed more time and better organization, but I managed to get through it. Meanwhile, I kept looking for other learning opportunities on the internet. I am currently participating in CAMPTECH 2022, where I am learning how to use senors with the help of microprocessors and programming. 

We must keep in mind that programming should always be part of our learning as a young person, child or adult. This stimulates creativity, innovation, organization and in itself is a computational language. Although it is true that all this knowledge can open the way to a future job in a programming environment or as an engineer or technician. In any case, learning to program is something fun and interesting. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the people who continue to motivate virtual and face-to-face learning and education. It is thanks to all this support that I had the honor of being chosen by the first lady Yazmin de Cortizo to participate in the Expo Dubai 2022. The Expo is focused on increasing creativity in problem solving and promote communication and education to meet 50%of its needs through renewable sources. I was also offered the opportunity to participate in an intensive English language learning course offered by the Ministry of Education through the National Directorate of Foreign Language Training for participation in Expo Dubai 2022.

In conclusion, I would like to invite all young people to keep going, that no matter how high a mountain is, there is always a way to the top.

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