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Sustainable Change

Established in 2006 by John Keffer, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting community development through learning support scholarships and programs in the northern region of Cocle, Republic of Panama.

“Sustainability refers to change, something which has been a constant in the world for millennia.  So, is change sustainable?  Obviously yes – the world is dynamic and ever changing: one result adds to others.”

– John Keffer, Forum Foundation Founder


Committed to supporting communities as they strive to build a more prosperous future. Our work focuses on increasing access to learning support opportunities for communities located in the mountains of northern Cocle, Panama.  

Forum Foundation programs and John Keffer scholarships help students at multiple grade levels, including university, complete their assignments, study for tests, and ultimately reach graduation. Grants and digital resources available through our community center locations, help promote English, mathematics, science, literature, and digital literacy, as key skills for lifelong learning and future success.

We believe in the importance of working together with community leaders, educators, and parents, wherever our programs are offered. 



Perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences in our journey supporting and counseling inspiring students, is watching them graduate. We are thrilled to share and celebrate their success. Their desire to become professionals and build a better future is sustainable change in action. Click the button below to read their stories.

stiching together a brighter future

One of the many advantages of offering our programs at the John Keffer Library and Community Center located in the Jose De Los Reyes Vasquez school in Caimito is the available, flexible space in this now refurbished multi-purpose classroom. Profesora Graciela Castillo shares her experience facilitating our first official INADEH workshop. Twenty-two participants completed this workshop successfully. Many more workshops are planned for the future.

Tutors Inspired

Summer break is an excellent opportunity for Forum Foundation to offer workshops and training for our tutors. In early January 2023, Profesora Belkys Ruiz organized a special workshop for twenty-five of our tutors. During the five-day workshop, participants learned a variety of techniques and strategies to work with primary school children. 

Exploring the Future of Education

In March 2022 school year students in Panama finally returned to in-person learning. This article explores some interesting ideas and questions that can help us contribute to shaping the future of education.


Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our exceptional community of learners. Discover the wonderful people who help make change sustainable in the mountains of Northern Cocle. 


Forward with Forum is Forum Foundation’s podcast for lifelong learners. Focused on sharing knowledge, skills, advice, and guidance with the communities we serve. Our podcast is produced in English and Spanish so that our listeners can grow their comprehension through listening. Download our episodes, learn something new. Join our conversation.