Mayelis Martinez

I first heard of Forum Foundation in 2019 from a teacher named Felicita Candelaria, who chose me to be part of this great Foundation because I had good grades in my school. Afterward, she introduced me to the person in charge of the program, Mrs. Sandra Rodriguez, who gave me more information about the Foundation and the help and opportunities they offer students from several schools.

During my first year of high school as part of the Forum Foundation, I received financial aid to cover my school expenses, like transportation. Then, in my second year, the Covid-19 Pandemic unexpectedly arose and classes went virtual. The Foundation supported me by giving me cell phone data cards to continue my studies. Likewise, in my third year of high school, they continued to provide me with the cards as well as great support and guidance from some of the administrators and professors who were part of the Foundation.

I graduated and received first place honors in the bachelor’s degree in commerce at the Mercedes Bustamante School, thanks to my dedication, effort, and desire to improve myself every day, both academically and personally. To prove to myself that I can achieve what I set out to do with discipline and persistence.

It was not easy, because to achieve this important goal I had to stay up all night doing my homework to deliver it on time and studying to prepare my presentations, sometimes I had to research, ask questions and ask for help on some topics because it was important for me to understand and not stay in doubt. I always knew how to be organized, disciplined, and avoided any distractions, since I had a clear goal to achieve.

When the classes went virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I faced several challenges, because every time I lost the electricity service, the signal went out, so I had problems with the internet connection. On the other hand, I did not have the technological tools for my classes, but that was never an excuse for not handing in my assignments.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world, for this reason, we must take advantage of every moment and opportunity that comes our way to enrich ourselves with new knowledge and grow personally and professionally. Always believe in yourself, never give up and surround yourself with the right people, that will give you the strength and motivation to overcome any obstacle. Pursue your dreams and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, always keep faith and hope in your heart.

Now that she has graduated… 

I will study Marketing and International Business at the Universidad Technologica de Panama. Where I hope to graduate with a university degree so that I can make my biggest dream come true, to start my own business and spread it to other countries, create jobs, help people who need it the most, offer opportunities to young people with dreams like mine, of entering the business world and contribute to the development of a better Panama. Having always as my objective, continue preparing myself academically and continue growing as a person and professional to have great achievements in my life.

Forum Foundation is committed to supporting inspiring young people like Mayelis so that they can continue their learning journey and achieve their goals.