Yairin Martinez

I found out about Forum Foundation at my school in Vaquilla, it was during a presentation they were giving to a group of us young people. That year I was awarded fourth place honors at my school and offered support from the Foundation.

This year I was awarded second place honors from the Pablo Alzamora Vargas school. I achieved all of this thanks first of all to God who gave me health intelligence and strength. Also thanks to my family, grandmother and grandfather, and mother who always gave me their unconditional support. Thanks also to my teachers for educating us. 

I achieved this goal because I studied in a responsible way, always dedicating myself to my studies. On some occasions, I stumbled but I did not ever give up. 

When you set your mind to something, you achieve it regardless of the obstacles that you might find along the way. One must learn lessons and overcome challenges, this is a constant in life. To reach this goal I had to go through a lot, since the situation is not easy. But I always had the interest to keep going, to be responsible and attentive to my tasks. God and my family are my base of support, to help me achieve my goals. 

During these years I overcame challenges like my fear of public speaking by trusting my personality. I also overcame my fear of failure. When you set out to achieve your goals, you strive to accomplish them and you don’t give up. My advice to students is to keep fighting for your dreams and everything you set out to accomplish. I know it’s not easy, that along the way you will stumble and you will want to give up, but don’t do it. That is not the best option. The best option is to keep going. To prove to yourself that you can do it no matter how many times you stumble. I urge you to keep pursuing your dreams. Let us be those fruits of the future. Because the education, values, and skills that we possess will be the future of our country. 

Now, that she has finished high school Yairin plans to go on to study nursing at the UDELAS Universidad de Las Americas.

Forum Foundation is committed to supporting inspiring young people like Yairin so that they can continue their learning journey and achieve their goals.