Edward Herrera

I first heard of the Foundation thanks to Profesora Sandra, and after that my cousin Ailin told me more about the Foundation and the help they offered students whose families didn’t have the resources to help them attend school. In the first years, the Foundation provided me with financial aid and now with classes being virtual, they helped with cellphone data cards, I am very grateful for that help. The Foundation’s support has been very important because these past two years, the support they gave us with the cell phone data cards, is the most important thing. It meant we could connect to our classes and not be counted absent, we could send in our assignments. Especially during these difficult times, this help meant a lot.

I was able to graduate with first place honors from the Instituto Profesional Tecnico La Pintada. Thanks to God and my parents and teachers who supported me. I made great efforts to attain this goal I had set for myself. I had to give it my all and study a lot and never give up, focus, and pay a lot of attention. 

The biggest challenges I faced have happened now during this pandemic, it has been the most difficult time. We had a large workload. But with a lot of dedication and effort, I was able to complete all the assignments. 

To those of you who continue to study and are looking forward to another school year, keep studying, put forth your best effort to pursue your goals and your dreams, to be able to achieve them, you must never give up, and never lose faith. Everything is possible. 

I plan to continue studying. Thanks to my achievement I have been awarded a scholarship and will attend the University of Panama Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. I have already taken the entrance exams and hope to attend the campus in Chiriqui. I will be pursuing, a degree in Agricultural and Zootechnical Engineering.

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