Jeney Rodriguez

The mask can hardly hide the smile of accomplishment on Jeney’s face. After spending countless hours studying, reviewing, reading, writing and editing, she is finally holding her certificate from the International Baccalaureate. Having completed her examinations, Jeney has received IB certificates in Spanish, History, Biology, English, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

Jeney was born and raised in the community of Machuca, Piedras Gordas, La Pintada, where she lived with her father and brothers. Until one day she met several girls that had received scholarships to attend Forum Academy. Keen on joining the other students after meeting Profesora Elvia, Jeney began her IB adventure. Like many others, Jeney remembers that it was especially challenging to leave home, and her family behind. Quite the sacrifice at a young age.

As she delved into her studies she discovered her favorite subject was mathematics, because she felt it was where she grew and progressed the most. “It was hard at first, but I got used to it after some time. I think the Academy was one of the best experiences I have ever had. What I most value about my time there was learning to work together with others. I received a world class education and I understood that no matter the challenge, if I put forth my best effort, I would have success.” 

Life’s biggest challenges often bring the most valued rewards. “The IB is a formidable challenge. But at the end of the day I understood that if I made the effort, and focused on studying and understanding I could make it through and accomplish my goal. One of the benefits of the IB is  the character profile of solidarity. The rigour of the program also kept pushing me to do better, the more I reviewed and went over things the less problems I faced.”

Jeney is currently studying Food Science and Technology at the University of Panama. “Attending university during the pandemic has been difficult because my degree requires many hours of hands-on learning in the lab. It’s harder to understand things and grasp concepts without being able to put them into practice.” Still, no matter the challenges, Jeney plans to finish her studies, graduate and find a job to help her family.

“Forum Foundation’s support is a great help for many young people that dont have the means or possibilities to move forward. This is a great opportunity that opens the door to a better future. I hope to be able to volunteer and help continue helping others.  Learning is one of life’s biggest challenges, even more so now. But learning is a great opportunity that we have in life. It is something that can keep moving forward. There are times where things might seem impossible. But remember there are people who are part of your destiny that will help lead you on the way to your goals.”

Forum Foundation is committed to supporting people like Jeney so that they can continue on their journey to accomplish their dreams and help make change sustainable.

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