Graduating with honors is just the beginning for Doris Rivera

Doris Lisneth Rivera Núñez of Chiguiri Centro has achieved first-place honors at the Manuel Jaen Rodriguez Educational Center. Her dedication and effort, in every subject and every exam, allowed her to reach this academic honor. Like many of the wonderful students Forum Foundation programs support, Doris has overcome, persisted, and continues moving forward.

Doris believes that studying is important “because studying allows us to develop skills and abilities, by incorporating new knowledge that allows us to be able to access a job”.

For Doris, the change to “distance learning” during the COVID-19 pandemic was very fast “However, the speed and ability of my teachers allowed me to adapt so that it was easier and easier to take distance classes. Learning to use technology is important because it allows us to organize ourselves in a better way and learn more things every day. It makes it easier to understand by allowing us to interact with others, explore content, ask questions, and research answers. 

Facing many difficulties during her studies. Like many Foundation scholarship students, Doris and her family did not have access to the income necessary to pay the bus fare each day. In 2020 Doris recalls, as a 16-year-old, she went through a very difficult time when her mother passed away. “She was an important pillar in my life, and she is my biggest motivation to continue studying and to be the best version of me possible. Even so, it was a very difficult time.”

Her passion for learning focused on an interest in the topic of sustainable tourism, because according to Doris “it allows us to make optimal use of environmental resources and helps to maintain and conserve these important natural resources and biological diversity.” 

Doris began her adventure with the Forum Foundation when representatives visited her school advertising financial support opportunities for students with excellent grades. “That day we talked with the teachers and it was a very special moment. I would like to thank the Foundation for the great support they gave me, the resources to pay for my ticket, and to be able to buy my lunch or a snack at school since that day has been a great motivation to continue on my way to college.”

The most valuable lessons for Doris were acquired in her work and projects with classmates and teachers. “For example, our project to make a tourist trail, using specialized tourism drawings, representing my school in speech contests, and representing my school in public speaking competitions. But perhaps most valuable of all were the values and knowledge I acquired thanks to my classmates and teachers.

When asked what advice she would give to other students, she told us the following: 

-Always be curious, and try to make every subject attractive and easy to learn. 

– Be confident that you will achieve your goals.

-Eliminate the phrase “I CAN’T.” from your personal vocabulary. You must believe in yourself first.

-Don’t be influenced by people who tell you it’s impossible. You must think that for them it may be impossible, but not for you.

-Never forget that if you want something, you must make an effort and you will be able to achieve it.


Doris is waiting for the results of the admission test for the National University in Penonome where she wants to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities with a major in Alternative Tourism. “I will continue studying, always giving the best of me, making known my skills and knowledge acquired. And the main thing is to believe in myself that I will achieve it and that in the end, I will be able to graduate from college. Thank you very much for this opportunity and support”.

Forum Foundation is committed to providing exceptional students like Doris with the support and resources they need to pursue their university degrees. 

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