With effort and dedication, I can achieve anything

Karol Milagros Mendoza Martinez is an inspiring young woman. After setting her goals,  and taking advantage of every new opportunity. Her hard work, dedication, discipline, and organization earned her second-place honors in the class of 2022 at the Professional and Technical Institute in her community of Coclesito.

For Karol learning has always been important “Because it shapes us and helps us develop our skills. We can learn about our rights and values, it also offers us new opportunities to have a better quality of life and at the same time allows us to serve society”. 

Her experience during the distance learning period was complicated at first because she did not have a good signal or a good mobile device. “Also, I didn’t know how to use the technology. Like many of her peers, Karol believes that digital literacy is important because “Nowadays everything is developed through the use of new technological tools.” However, Karol shares that her biggest difficulty was the absence of her teachers. “Not being with them was a challenge because sometimes I didn’t understand some subjects, and it was difficult for the teachers to clarify doubts through a screen.” 

Despite these challenges Karol always had a positive attitude. What she enjoyed most was learning English, because it motivated her to interact, communicate and learn other languages.  It was Professor Elvia who provided Karol with the information to receive support from the Foundation. Karol received a John Keffer scholarship, financial support that allowed her to complete her studies. In addition, Karol says, “I received emotional support from the teachers and staff of the Foundation, for which I am very grateful to each one of them”.

At the end of her high school studies, her most valuable lesson has been that with effort and dedication, she can achieve whatever she sets her mind to.

To her fellow students; 

“It is normal to feel insecurity and fear, but if we don’t dare to do it we will never know what we are capable of achieving and we will close the doors to many opportunities. Lacking economic resources is a big challenge, but that is not a reason to stop us because there will always be someone who sees our effort and will give us support.” 

Karol’s NEXT STEPS: 

My next step is to go to the National University, and study Bachelor of Arts in English.  I will continue to strive forward because I believe in myself and I know I will achieve it.

Forum Foundation is committed to supporting exceptional and inspiring students like Karol, so that they may continue on to University, pursue their career of choice and contribute to making change sustainable.