Every day is an opportunity to learn!

Militzi Lurisbeth Dominguez Cedeno hails from the community of San Isidro, Penonome. A graduate of El Rincon de Las Palmas Professional and Technical High School. She is yet another extraordinary example of what ambitious and driven young people can achieve. We are thrilled to share that Militzi received second-place honors for the class of 2022. 

A studious young woman, she achieved this great honor through effort in each of the assigned tasks, always being responsible, and above all  “having good behavior at school” she tells us. Like her peers, parents, and community leaders she believes that quality education is fundamental because it  “gives people an opportunity for self-improvement. We can learn something every day. It is always important to keep learning in order to expand our understanding skills, and knowledge.” 

For Militzi the difference between distance learning and in-person learning remains clear. In her experience, she witnessed how the need for resources and access deeply affects people’s level of education.  She sees these differences, especially in places where there are more resources and therefore more options and opportunities. “What happens then is that the areas with more resources tend to fill the gap left by those without access or resources,” she says. 

That is why Militzi agrees we must continue to embrace the advantages technology and increased digital literacy have to offer. “The use of technology strengthens and broadens the access to what we can learn, sharing more knowledge with more people in more places than ever before. As long as the content is educational and healthy we can take advantage and keep learning.”

The lack of economic resources was a great challenge for Militzi since her parents live in a remote community and are also trying to overcome a very difficult financial situation, and therefore do not have the resources to support her studies. “But thanks to God, and the Forum Foundation, and the support they have given me, I was able to finish my studies.”

Militizi met the Forum Foundation thanks to a high school classmate who told him about the organization and the support it offered students in need. “I received mobile data cards for virtual classes and an incentive of 50 balboas per month to help cover other needs, so I could continue studying.”

A passionate mathematician, she loves numbers because math is used in our daily lives. “No matter what career you choose or where you study, or whether you study or not, mathematics is present, and we must know and understand it. That’s why it’s my favorite subject.”

Militzi does not consider that there is a lesson that is more valuable than another, “they all help mental growth. The desire for self-improvement is the primordial thing. It is a power that each of us has. Everyone has their own path to self-improvement. I advise other students to use their abilities and work hard. Your talent and effort will allow you to take advantage of opportunities and achieve success.”


My next step will be to continue my studies. I will enroll in university so that I can continue learning more. If everything goes well I would like to study medicine.

Forum Foundation continues to provide exceptional learners like Militzi with the resources and support they can take advantage of in order to continue their education. Helping make change sustainable.