Summer Intership Helping Others

Meet Misael Moran, from  Toabre, Cocle. A Computer Science student at the University of Panama in Cocle, he recently had the opportunity to join Fundacion Academia Forum efforts in Caimito. University students must complete a professional internship as part of their graduation requirements. For Misael, working with the Foundation has been invaluable. Most importantly as he puts it the internship “Gave me the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills I  have acquired at university.” 

Beyond an opportunity to put skills into practice, Misael was able to learn more than he thought was possible. Like the importance of teamwork when helping others. His experience tutoring students and facilitating computer literacy workshops proved to be the most rewarding. “I quickly realized how important it is to have a clear understanding of the methodology we will use to help students. Moreover, it was a great opportunity for professional and personal development. The work environment was wonderful.” 

Reflecting on the experience in his written report Misael notes “This experience helped me give the best version of myself when helping others, and I realized I can still give more. Regardless of the weakness I may have I am going to keep learning and getting better gradually as I continue my studies. Demonstrating my skills and more importantly, acquiring new ones. The hands-on experience of working with students and other professionals has been an immense help. I saw first-hand what challenges I could face as I continue learning and later join the workforce.”

Putting a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science to practice to help the Foundation’s efforts was a rewarding experience for Misael. He discovered what techniques and skills to use in different situations and how to adapt his instruction accordingly. “I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity that Forum Foundation has given me. It has opened its doors to me as a young university student, with a lot still to learn. Thank you for being so welcoming and for all the experiences and lessons you shared with me. I hope to continue learning and put what I learned into practice to benefit others. 

During his month-long internship, Maisel offered support by providing computer literacy courses. He also helped update our Community Center’s location on Google Maps, as well as helped create a digital database for the John Keffer Library. Misael also happens to celebrate his birthday together with our staff and other mentors and volunteers. Thank you Misael, for your contributions to our efforts.

This marks the first of what we hope to be many University student requests to conduct their professional internship at our Community Center in Caimito. We greatly appreciate the student’s, faculty’s, and university’s trust in facilitating these enriching experiences. There is no doubt they will continue to have a positive impact on expanding access to educational opportunities in the mountains of Northern Cocle.