Making History with Larissa Lopez

We are thrilled to celebrate class of 2022 university graduate Larissa Lopez who recently celebrated this accomplishment at the University of Panama’s Centro Regional Universitario in Cocle. Where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Geography and History.

In the small towns in the mountains of Cocle, word spreads quickly. Larissa first heard about Forum Foundation from her brother, who encouraged her to apply to enter the Forum Academy.  “Forum was a great pilar of support for me and my family. The financial support allowed me to keep studying. I greatly appreciate all the support I received as a student at the Forum Academy. Three years I will always remember.”

Like many young ambitious people, Larissa agrees that studying is the surest path towards success. “It is important to keep studying. That is how we become good people. Getting a good job is becoming more difficult. So we need to be better prepared.” 

This drives Larissa to want to make a difference. She has decided to continue her studies and becomes a teacher. Currently learning diversified pedagogy, she is absorbing all the information she can to understand the different ways in which she can reach and inspire students. 

Her experience overcoming challenges as a student is sure to be beneficial when she becomes a teacher. “I have experienced firsthand the challenges one faces as a student, and what you have to overcome every day in order to be able to keep moving forward toward your goals, and meeting your objectives. Even when things seem impossible, one must keep fighting for what you want. For the life you want.”


Larissa also recalls the challenges of being away from family for extended periods of time as a high school student at Forum Academy. “It was difficult, but as time passes, you adapt and you make it through. What is more, you get to meet amazing people with great hearts, who are full of love, honest, and respectful.”  She cheerfully admits this experience changed her life, “I got to meet so many different people and learn about where they came from, I am so grateful to all of the people who are part of Forum Foundation. Thank you for your support!”

We are immensely proud of amazing people like Larissa. Each year our programs help motivate and equip students with the skills and resources they need to be successful. Recognizing the increasing need for employment counseling, we are broadening our programs and resources to assist Forum Foundation beneficiaries in their search for their first job.