Future Teacher with a Passion for Learning and Nature

Denia Web

Denia Rodriguez first met Profesora Elvia back in 2013. A meeting that Denia admits helped her become the person she is today. When I was admitted as a student at Forum Academy, everything about the experience was new. Staying in the dorms, doing homework and assignments, and managing my own time. I learned a lot about the subjects I studied and also learned valuable lessons about coexisting and living with others. 

Joining her fellow Forum Academy alumni, Denia had the opportunity to return to Forum Foundation as a mentor and tutor. Providing learning support in science to students eager to stay the course and complete their school year. This was a gratifying experience as she was able to put all of her knowledge into practice. Helping students understand and complete their assignments successfully, as well as modeling academic success, determination, and commitment. 

Along with other mentors, Denia joined the workshop facilitated by Profesora Belkys, to learn about engaging and teaching smaller children. “At first this was a bit challenging because we all learn in a different ways. That is why individualized help and differentiated instruction can help. We can explore different ways of sharing contents, materials, and resources so that students remain involved.”

For Denia, the workshop provided by Forum Foundation and facilitated by Profesora Belkys was a great way to learn how to plan activities and instruction. “I learned that we need to use different techniques so that we can help every student. One of the great advantages of this seminar-workshop was that each of us was able to create a weekly plan. This helped me better understand how to plan and prepare a lesson. Valuable information to use as a teacher in the field.” 

Denia is passionate about Biology because studying this subject at the University of Panama in Cocle,  helps her understand how the elements of nature function. She chose this career, due to the opportunities it presents to be exposed to nature and study the habits and behaviors of many different species. “We need each of nature’s elements to function if we hope to live in a balanced world. We need to look for strategies that can be put into practice so that we may overcome the many big environmental problems we face.” 

Now a proud university graduate she reflects on her journey so far. This career path has had its challenges because it is a broad subject that requires a lot of dedication and commitment in each of the assignments. What I loved the most though was getting to go out in the field and be in contact with animals and vegetation.

Forum Foundation’s support has been important and relevant for Denia.  “Thanks to the John Keffer University Scholarship I received I saw able to cover the cost of university. Without this support, I would not have been able to reach graduation. I thank God and my family, especially my grandparents and the Foundation for believing in me. Now I am prepared to go out into the world and continue learning. I dream of becoming a great teacher and sharing what I know with others. Once again thank you to the Foundation, my high school and university studies would not have been possible without your support. ”

Forum Foundation is thrilled to have returning alumni like Denia as an invaluable part of our learning support programs. Her personal and caring support for others is evidence of the deep and lasting impact John Keffer Scholarships can have on students’ lives. When our beneficiaries are inspired to become educators, and agents of change, the effect is multiplied. We can confidently say this is sustainable change.