Lineth Julio

Lineth Del Carmen Julio Martinez was born and raised in Chorrerita de Toabre. She attended elementary and middle school at Escuela Manuel Jaen Rodriguez in Tucue.  She first met Profesora Elvia while recruiting students to join the Forum Academy.

“Forum Foundation has been a pillar for me to accomplish part of my dreams.” 

“I remember the requirements were to have a great grade point average of 4.5 and with that, you had to take exam mathematics being an important part of the content. Then there was the interview with Profesora Sol Perez.

It is clear that joining Forum Academy was no simple feat. “It was completely different than what I was used to, going away from my family to a boarding school, where I would only be able to return home every 15 days. But facing this challenge is what her the proudest. Like in many of our interviews, for Lineth, Forum is family a place to make friends that last a lifetime. The Academy a place to acquire knowledge and values. 

“I am sure I would not have accomplished what I was able to do had I not been part of Forum Academy. What made it special was that you felt like an important part of it. It was a  place filled with people who care about your future and wellbeing. The  Academy made sure we had uniforms, meals, dormitories, field trips, health assistance, school supplies, and really anything else we might need.”

“Being part of the Forum Family is a marvelous experience.” Lineth treasures her memories of the Academy.  “One of the things I recall the most were the sunsets on the terrace, talking and laughing with my friends as we waited to sit down for dinner. We shared a lot of memories together, and I can remember missing that a lot after I graduated. On the other hand, in academics, I very much enjoyed Environmental Systems and Societies. I really enjoyed the labs we conducted because most of the time we were outside.” 

After graduating from Forum Academy 2016, (Part of the first graduating class). Lineth enrolled at the Universidad Tecnologica de Panama, to obtain a degree in Logistics and Multimodal Transporation. She confesses choosing a degree was not something that came quickly, she felt indecisive, but after doing some research she realized there was an ample job market in logistics. This remains important because the driving force behind Lineth’s efforts is a desire to find a job so that she can help her family. 

Another factor that helped her arrive at the decision to study at UTP in Penonome is that it was easier to manage the expenses. For Lineth going to Panama City was not an option. Her family couldn’t afford to cover the travel expenses.  Even staying close paying for school was still a challenge, but they were confident it was the right thing to do. 

“And as if the Foundation had not done enough for me, they included me in a scholarship program for university students.” This was a great relief for Lineth. “With the financial assistance provided, I have been able to pay rent for an apartment in Penonome. I can’t thank Forum Foundation enough for everything they have done for me, everything they have made possible, not just for me but for many other young people.” 

It seems that like other students we have spoken to, Forum Foundation’s generosity has rubbed off on Lineth. She had returned to the academy on many occasions as a means of giving a little back for what she had received. Lineth helped the current students study for exams and complete assignments. Helping mentor these students through the challenging IB diploma program. 

“The Foundation has been a pillar of support for me to accomplish part of my dreams. I think it is a noble and worthy cause, that should continue to help many other young people like myself so that they can reach their goals. If there is any way that I can continue to contribute and help with the Foundation I am ready and willing.”

Forum Foundation looks forward to welcoming former students and scholarship recipients like Lineth, as part of our growing volunteer network. Helping us make change sustainable.