Carmen Perez

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Carmen Perez is from Altos de la Estancia. After attending the Centro Educativo Basico General Altos de la Estancia Forum Academy she was invited to enroll at Forum Academy.

She decided to enroll at  Forum Academy because it was a great opportunity to continue studying even though it was a big challenge given the schedule and what she had heard so far about the school’s rigorous curriculum. 

While studying at the academy Carmen showed her passion for learning in every class. She soon began to excel and achieve high marks on her assignments which once again opened the doors to new opportunities.

“I had the opportunity to go to the HUN School of Princeton, given my good grades and behavior, the respect I showed to the administrators and teachers as well as the people who worked at the Academy. It was an honor to be selected for this special scholarship by my teachers and classmates.”  What Carmen enjoyed the most about the experience was getting to know people from other continents and making friends with some of them.  “The cultural exchange at HUN was amazing.”  In Carmen’s case, the global pandemic forced her to return to Panama before being able to finish her studies at HUN. When she returned to Panama, Carmen had to continue her studies at a different school where the biggest challenge is getting connected to virtual classes. Nonetheless, she recalls her days at Forum Academy fondly. 

“What I liked the most about the academy was that the students that were there treated each other like family we were able to make strong bonds and friendships not just with classmates but also with our professors who gave their all to us and also the people who took care of us while we stayed there cleaning and cooking. It was all one big family. Supporting one another.” 

Carmen plans to continue her studies as a technician in culinary arts. She feels that independently of getting a job this is something that could help her family. Alexandra Martinez, who graduated from the academy, is now finishing her degree in culinary arts and has connected with Carmen to help her navigate the challenges of the university experience. 

“Forum Academy helped me prepare because it helped broaden my understanding not only of the country I call home but also the world. Exploring new cultures and traditions through investigations, anecdotes and showing us that an open mentality allows us to see beyond what is in plain sight, so that we may be able to have different opinions ideas, and perspectives.”

Forum Foundation is committed to supporting exceptional students like Carmen so that they successfully complete high school and go on to university and lifelong learning.