As society becomes more dependent on new technology, increased attention is being given to computer literacy, which has become an essential skill for a successful professional career.

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You need look no further than mobile phones to see how a small, portable technology can improve communication in remote places, beating the slow advance of large-scale infrastructure. Solar-powered devices are following a similar trend—bringing electricity and its benefits to people well beyond the grid’s reach.

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Many students in rural Coclé have very limited access to transport services, leaving some with a 2+ hour walk to school in all weather conditions.  To eliminate barriers to school attendance, the Forum Foundation purchased a bus in 2009, which helped to carry nearly 500 students to and from school in Coclé Province.

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  • Move-in Day

    Our newest Global Commons Scholars, Mirjana and Eduviges, arrive at the Hun School of Princeton to begin their post-graduate year of study. Congratulations, and good luck!

  • Heading to Hun

    Forum Academy students Daniela Tenorio Martinez and Yaisury Gonzalez Rodriguez (both ’18) enjoy dinner in Princeton, New Jersey, before starting their PG year at the Hun School.

Programs Overview

Forum Foundation has worked tirelessly since 2006 to provide the tools to help communities grow.  It began by providing uniforms and computers to schools as well as transportation to students who could not otherwise attend classes because of distant commutes.