Forum Academy Alumnus Leads Self-Esteem Workshop

Dalis Reyes, is a fifth year Psychology student at the University of Panama. She is currently finishing her internship at Fundacion Unidos por la Ninez. In addition to her studies, Dalis is focused on her professional development. She is a kind and exceptional young woman with a different attitude towards life. She also enjoys painting and spending time alone. Originally from the small community of San Jose, Dalis now lives and studies in Panama City.

She remembers meeting Professor Elvia Martinez in 2014 while finishing high school. She was able to pass the tests and was accepted as a scholar at Forum Academy, where she finished her last three years of high school.

Like other Forum Academy graduates, Dalis has not lost touch with the  Forum Foundation Family. Her eagerness to help others lead her to accept an offer to give a self-esteem workshop for Forum Foundation beneficiaries and their parents. “I saw it as an opportunity to teach them to discover the personal resources they have, which makes it possible to maintain healthy relationships, feel self-confident and find a balance with the environment in which they move,” says Dalis.

During the first weekend of July, 42 students and their parents or guardians were able to attend the workshop in the Multipurpose Room of Colegio Jose de Los Reyes Vasquez; to which we are grateful for allowing us to make the necessary improvements to adapt the space for the benefit of the educational community. 

This is an image of students and their parents guardians during workshop
Beneficiaries and their parents listen as Dalis shares information about the importance of Self-Esteem

The workshop provided practical tools for parents to promote self-esteem in their children. The importance of self-esteem in school performance was also discussed. In addition, the role of self-esteem in adolescence was discussed, as “one of the most important predictors for the formation of identity,” adds Dalis.

For Dalis, “self-esteem is important not only because it is one of the keys to understanding ourselves and others, but also because it allows people to love themselves, feel capable, and develop realistic and achievable goals. More workshops like this one are needed to educate people on mental health issues.”

When we ask her what message she would like to share with young people Dalis quickly provides a quote. “My message to young people is to believe in the potential they have. As Arnold Palmer said. 

“Employ all your efforts, even when the odds are against you.”

Forum Foundation is committed to supporting inspiring young people like Dalis,  who are lifelong learners helping make change sustainable in their communities. 

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